No Faculty Study Program Undergraduate Master Doctoral Specialist Diploma
1 Health Sciences





Public Health

2 Economics and Business




Development Economics

3 Teacher Training and Education

Accounting Education


Civics Education


Indonesian & Local Language & Literature


English Language Education


Mathematics Education


Biology education


Elementary School Teacher Education


Early Childhood Education


Geography Education

4 Engineering

Civil Engineering



Mechanical Engineering



Electrical Engineering




Chemical Engineering


Industrial Engineering

5 Islamic Studies







6 Twinning Program

Psychology and Tarbiyah


Law and Syari’ah


Development Economics and Syari’ah

7 Communication and Informatics

Communication Science



8 Law, Pharmacy 




9 Psychology, Geography 






Campus Facility

Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS) id onr of the biggest Universties organised by Muhammadiyah. Muhammadiyah with approzimately 29 million members is one of the largest socioreligous organisations in Indonesia. Estabiled in 1912, Muhammadiyah is older than The Republic of Indonesia. Muhammadiyah is known to be a modern Muslim organisation that plays a significant role in indoneisa’s development through impressive records of providing education and health services in Indonesia.

Accompaniment in terms of self-capacity building

Besides focusing on the quality of academic education, UMS also tries to develop needed skills and knowledge for the future of the students when they are involved in the community and for them to be ready to be included in the labor market through concrete accompaniments such as:

    a. Al Islam Kemuhammadiyahan (AIK)

AIK is religious education course compulsory to be taken by each student from the first four semesters after they are enrolled at UMS, which is in the form of outside class accompaniment course. Since UMS believes that character and religious education play important parts in increasing the quality of graduates and in encouraging them to be good people in the society. The following are the events organized by AIK:

  1. Mapping of Al Quran reading
  2. Alleviation of Al Quran illiteracy
  3. Religious discussion and learning
  4. Experience of staying at Islamic boarding school for four days
    b. English Tutorial Program (ETP)

Underlying the aspirations of UMS, which hopes that the students could be involved in the international free trade market, UMS provides necessary asset for the students so that they could improve their English skills. The improvement and training is given by the students from the first and second semester after they are enrolled at UMS in the form of intensive training in ETP every weekend outside the class. This is conducted to provide the students with proper skills in order to understand textbooks used in the courses and to make them be high quality graduates in the labor market with better English skills compared to other graduates from other universities. These are some of the events conducted by ETP:

  1. Basic English Skills learning for all freshmen at UMS.
  2. Habituation of communicating in English both in written and verbal form to boost the students’ knowledge and self-confidence
  3. Accompaniment with tutors who are the chosen students from third to sixth semester and they have been given proper training by the lecturers of English Department study program
  4. ETP annual activities, such as
    1. Social Gathering Activity for ETP tutors.
    2. English Tutorial Cup

Annual activity organized for the students who are still in the training period at ETP, which includes several competitions amongst the students to improve their English skills and their self-confidence. The competitions of English Tutorial Cup include Story Telling, Speech, Poetry Reading, and Exhibition Journalism, in which the winners of each segment will be recorded and broadcasted in UMS website and TV channel.

Competent Teaching Staffs

In order to realize the aspirations of UMS, in which UMS aspires to be a world-rank university to be able to compete with other international universities in the world, UMS employs professional teaching staffs who were Master’s and Doctorate graduates from both local and overseas universities. With more than 26000 students, UMS employs 531 full-time teaching staffs and 90 part-time competent teaching staffs; and almost 100 UMS professional staffs are Master’s and Doctorate degree graduates from overseas universities. UMS is the only private university in Indonesia that obtained most scholarship of Master’s and Doctorate degree for its teaching staffs in pursuing further study in overseas universities. Teaching staffs who graduated from overseas universities are evenly spread in all faculties at UMS. UMS also encourages the teaching staffs to reach higher education level and to aim higher than universities in Indonesia. Furthermore, UMS also supports its teaching staffs to always improve, develop, and apply the acquired knowledge and skills for the improvement of UMS.


UMS Library had been established since UMS was still named IKIP Muhammadiyah in 1981. Since that day, UMS library, which opens from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., aims to do innovations by prioritizing the customers’ satisfaction that is being adjusted to the customers’ demand such as independent borrowing and independent uploading. Independent borrowing is a facility owned by the library where the students could borrow any book by bringing the book they want to borrow and a library card to the automatic machine available without having the need to see the librarian.


Besides focusing on the theories given through direct meeting with professional teaching staffs, UMS also encourages the real application of the theories; one of them is through practice in laboratory. All faculties at UMS have their own laboratory to support the need of the students so that they could directly apply, utilize, and make the materials to be put into practice in the real world based on the theory they learned; therefore, they would be more ready to be involved in the labor market. The laboratories at UMS include:

  1. Accounting Laboratory (Lab Akuntansi)
  2. Pharmacy Laboratory (Lab Farmasi)
  3. Geography Laboratory (Lab Geografi)
  4. Law Studies Laboratory (Lab Hukum)
  5. Nutrition Studies Laboratory (Lab Gizi)
  6. Chemistry Laboratory (Lab Kimia)
  7. Biology Laboratory (Lab Biologi)
  8. Communication Studies Laboratory (Lab Kom)
  9. Mathematics Laboratory (Lab Matematika)
  10. Microteaching Laboratory / LAB
  11. FKI Computer Laboratory (Lab Komputer FKI)
  12. Psychology Laboratory (Lab Psikologi)
  13. Architecture Laboratory (Lab Arsitektur)
  14. Laboratory of CAD (Computer Aided Design)/CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)/CAE (Computer Aided Engineering)
  15. Electro Engineering Laboratory (Lab Elektro)
  16. Physics Laboratory (Lab Fisika)
  17. Computer Engineering Laboratory (Lab Teknik Komputer)
  18. Machinery Engineering Laboratory (Lab Teknik Mesin)
  19. Civic Engineering Laboratory (Lab Teknik Sipil)
  20. Mini Syariah Bank
  21. Capital market
  22. UMS Bookstore UMS

A green-painted building with big placard “UMS Bookstore” (Bookstore UMS) located by the road side close to the gate to Campus 1 UMS was established since 2007. UMS Bookstore opens on Monday to Saturday, from 8.00 a.m. to 4 p.m. Local Indonesian Time. UMS Bookstore not only provides textbooks but also popular books, stationeries, and souvenirs. The books being sold at UMS Bookstore come from more than 100 publishers, including Muhammadiyah University Press, a publisher owned by UMS.

UMS provides IDR 100,000 voucher for the students from semester 1 to semester 7; therefore, the students will be able to exchange the voucher with some textbooks. Moreover, for the customers who do not have vouchers, UMS Bookstore also gives 10% discount with the minimum value of IDR 100,000 on each transaction. Later, it is planned that UMS Bookstore will be available online to make it easier for the customers to buy the books they need. Book review events and book bazaar are the events that are organized by UMS Bookstore to encourage reading interest within UMS campus.

Mosque and Prayer Rooms

UMS has mosque and prayer rooms within the area of campus in order to facilitate the performance of compulsory prayers as a Muslim complemented with the prayer tools available for use.

UMS Edupark (Education Park)

Edupark (Education Park) is one of the facilities owned by UMS located in Jl. Adisucipto Karanganyar, some kilometers off Solo City to the west. To be exact, the location can be reached from Manahan Roundabout (Bundaran Manahan) to the west, or from UMS Campus Pabelan to the north. Edupark is a family recreation park with the width of 6 hectare, which is designed as a natural park containing various kinds of trees that it gives off breezy atmosphere. There are also some other facilities such as jogging track, football field, and natural maze and forest. Moreover, Edupark is often used as a research area for the UMS students.

Wi-Fi (Wireless Internet Connection)

UMS realizes that in the native digital era in which the young generation that is born on the development era of digital technology, the academicians at UMS need comfortable access to browse through the cyber world. Therefore, it will be easier for them to acquire new information available through the cyber world, especially for the students who try to finish their campus assignments. Hence, free wireless internet connection is available within the campus area that can be used for the teaching staffs and the students from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

UMS Operational Vehicle

To assist the mobility from one location to another, UMS also provides operational vehicle facilities such as minibus and bus, which could be used by the UMS academicians for attending seminar or competition around UMS or outside the city.

Sports Center or Gymnasium

As UMS not only focuses on the staffs’ and the students’ spiritual health in the daily lives, UMS also provides the sport center or gymnasium that could help the staffs and students to keep fit in the midst of learning and teaching activities. There are some sports that are often performed in the sports center such as basketball, taekwondo, indoor football, karate, martial arts, and badminton.

Parks and Lake

UMS employs smoke free area within the campus, and the campus is also surrounded by vegetation such as trees, plants, and flowers. Furthermore, the convenience while having discussion and learning activities is the top priority for UMS; hence, the campus provides campus parks with comfortable seats and benches surrounded with dense trees that creates tranquil and calm nuance within the campus area. Therefore, this atmosphere could generate conducive situation for learning and discussion within the campus area. In Campus II, there is also an artificial lake encircled with green vegetation and comfortable benches and is often used as a place to have discussion or for hanging out place by the students.

Comfortable Parking Lot

In order to ensure the need of security for the riders of private vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles, and cars when they are within the campus, UMS also provides comfortable and secure parking lot.

Mass Transportation

The Campus of Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta is in the path of bus track from Jogjakarta – Solo, Surabaya – Jogjakarta, and Semarang – Solo. In order to reach UMS, you can directly get off of the intercity buses and you will be right in front of the campus. Furthermore, UMS campus is also close to the bus stop for Batik Solo Trans, which make UMS easily accessible and ease the students to reach other places around UMS such as shopping mall, book store, hang out places, airport, and/or hospitals.

General Facilities

As the campus of UMS is located by the side of the main road, the location is easily accessible by riding mass transport and private-owned vehicles. There are also other general facilities around the campus, which will support the activities and the needs of the students when they are in the area, such as the availability of banks, ATMs, restaurants, canteen, photocopy service center, internet café, supermarket, salon, bookstore, hang out places, and other facilities.


Bank and auto-teller machine (ATM) are available surrounding the campus. Bookshop, a multi-purpose hall, parking area, and also prayer room/mosque are also easily found inside and outside the campus area.