Become a Magister of Science in Psychology with a unique advantage in indigenous psychology that emphasizes the message of Islam and the culture of Indonesia.

Ketua Program Studi

Dr. Sri Lestari, M.Si

Profesor Psikometri/Pengujian Pendidikan : Prof. Dr. Kumaidi, MA.

Lama Studi : 4 (four) semester

What you learn

Magister of Science in Psychology program opens three concentration of interest, namely Educational Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and Clinical Psychology. Philosophy of Science and Qualitative Research Methodology :

Semester I: : Philosophy of Science and Qualitative Research Methodology, Statistics, Quantitative Research Methodology and Design Experiments, Psychometric and Development of Measure Tool

Semester II:

Interest in Educational Psychology: Theory and Educational Psychology Research Methods, Advanced Educational Psychology, Construction Test Results Learning, Psychology of Primary and Secondary Education Management.

Interest in Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Theory and Methods Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology Advanced, Advanced Consumer Psychology

Interest in Clinical Psychology: Theory and Clinical Psychology Research Methods, Advanced Clinical Psychology, Health psychology, Measurement Clinical Psychology.

Semester III: (students must take a minimum of 3 courses)

  1. Special Children Educational Psychology
  2. Character Building
  3. Quantum Learning dan Modifikasi Belajar
  4. The concepts of Guidance and Counseling Education
  5. Model Behavior Change
  6. The concept of Psychotherapy
  7. Disaster Psychology
  8. Psychopathology
  9. Existential Humanistic Psychology
  10. Group dynamics
  11. Ergonomics
  12. Employment Psychology and Law
  13. Advanced Organizational Culture

Semester IV: Research Proposal Seminar, Thesis.

Staf Pengajar Prof. Dr. Kumaidi; Dr. Nanik Prihartanti, M.Si; Dr. Moordiningsih, M.Si; Dr. Nisa Rachmah Nur Anganti, M.Si; Dr. Yadi Purwanto, MM; Prof. Dr. Asmadi Alsa, SU; Prof. Dr. Djokosantoso Moeljono; Dr. Khoirudin Bashori, M.Si; Dr. Gamayanti, M.Si; Dr. Eko Supriyanto; Taufik, S.PSi. M.,Si (CD); Sri Lestari, S.Psi. M.Si (CD); Dra. Yayah Khisbiyah, M.A. (CD).


Written test, papers, portfolio, presentation, seminar, project, and thesis.

Skill and competence

Mastering the principles of science, and skilled in assessing and solving problems of social-psychological and human behavior in various sectors of life.