Educational Administration Masters Program (MMP) held since 2001 by the Decree of the Director General of Higher Education No. 2302 / D / T / 2001. MMP program has been accredited with an A based SK BAN-PT MONE Decree No. 075 / BAN-PT / Ak-III / S2 / V / 2004 dated May 26, 2004. Vision MMP is to become the leading center of education (a center of excellence in education) management education and professional teaching, high quality, innovative, and able to answer the demands of the Islamic era.

head of the study program / Professor of Educational Administration : Prof. Dr. Sutama, M.Pd.

The duration of study 4 (four) semester

What You Learn

Curriculum Master in Management Education offers compulsory subjects and options, as an interpretation of the vision, mission, goals, and objectives of the study program. Penyelenggaaraan education Semester Credit System (SKS) with student study load is 45 credits. The curriculum is designed as a reference to the activities of students in independent activities such as lectures, seminars, task structure, paper writing, research, thesis and final exam. Additionally, the curriculum is designed to provide experience and learning opportunities for students so that graduates have the understanding and control of education and teaching as well as have the ability to enter the doctoral level (S3) in the field of management education.

The curriculum MMP is designed with the opening of 3 (three) concentrations, is:

  1. Mathematics Education
  2. Education IPA
  3. Education IPS
  4. Leadership
  5. Intelligent Outstanding
  6. Basic Education

Semester I : Study of Social Sciences, Education, and Learning; Educational Research Methodology; Policy and Planning Education Fund; The concept of Integrated Quality Management System In Education; The concept of Strategic Management System In Education.

Semester II : Statistics; English Language

Semester III : Thesis Proposal Seminar; Computers and Internet Applications.

Semester IV : Thesis

Course Management Concentration Education System :

Education Resource Management System; Policy and Planning education system Macro and Micro Messo; Evaluation of Educational Systems: Principles, Methods and Instruments; Curriculum Development and Learning Strategy.

School Course Management Concentration :

Management Supervision and Assessment of the Quality of Schools / PPT; Organization and Dissemination School: Program and Output; Management Guidance and Counseling; Management of School Curriculum Development / PT.

Course of Basic Education Management Concentration :

Working with Children, Parents, and Community; Substantive Management of Basic Education; Human Resource Management Basic Education; Basic Education Leadership.

Elective Courses :

Religious Humanist Education Management, Education Religiosity Anthropology, Sociology of Islam and Life Religiosity, institutions Traditional and Modern Islamic Education, Islamic Education Services Inclusion, values of Islam Multicultural Education, Historical and Muhammadiyah Education Multicultural Perspective.

Education Management (Basic Class)

Semester I : Conversation, Social Science, Education, and Instructional Analysis; Research in Education; Educational Cost: Planning & Policy; School, Teacher, and Administration; School Based Leadership.

Semester II: Academic English Language; Statistics; Human Resources and Supervision in Education; Education System, Plan and Policy : Macro, I, and Micro; Evaluation for Education System: Principles, Method and Instrument.

Semester III: Writing Comprehension; Instructional and Curriculum Improvement Strategy; ICT Applied and Management; Thesis Proposal Dialogue; Islamic Sociology for Education.

Semester IV: Presentation; Thesis.