Magister of law program was established as an attempt to respond to the development of society's growing need to employ science-oriented academics and professionals in the field of legal science. The development of society moving toward industrialization, according to the increased role of knowledge and power is an attempt to anticipate the accelerated growth in the community. Magister of law orientated to understand, explain and theorize about the phenomenon of law both at the level of practical and theoretical, which is inseparable from the desire to apply it as a means of problem solving concretely.

Vision, Mission and Goal


To become the center of excellence in the development of the study of Islamic law and human resources those have the global insight and independence in ijtihad, in 2020.


  1. To Develope Human Resources in the field of Islamic law with the main orientation in the field of fiqh and usul fiqh , so it can be Ulama mujtahidin
  2. To develop the study of islamic laws that combine textual, contextual and maqoshid ash- Sharia and become references in solving the problems of the people, and to contribute in the development of national laws
  3. To give the direction of change in the society according by the Islamic law.


  1. To produce graduates of Master of Islamic law which are :
    • Mastering the Islamic law
    • Mastering the basics of scientific and methodological foundations of ijtihad to develop Islamic law
    • Being able to use Islamic law as a media to solve the problems of society with a combination of textual, contextual and maqoshid ash- Sharia
  2. Producing theory, concept, and model is the application of Islamic law, which can be run effectively in the society.
  3. Becoming a referral in the implementation of Islamic law, and the establishment of a national law derived from Islamic law.

Period of study:

  1. The Study on Master Program in Islamic Education , Islamic thought and Islamic law was designed for four semesters ( two years ) with two semesters for theoretical lecturing ( 36 credits) and two other semesters for thesis arrangement ( 6 credits ) and thesis examination , the total number is 42 credits.
  2. Students must already have a thesis proposal, so that in the third semester they can focus in writing the thesis, and in the fourth semester they will ready for thesis exam.


  1. Registration Time
  2. Master of Islamic Education, Islamic thought and Islamic Law Program accept registration of new students every semester (odd and even).

    No Semester Activity Time
    1. odd Registration March – July
    Recruitment test August
    Student orientation August
    Lecturing session Early September
    2. Even Registration November – January
    Recruitment test February
    Activity Time
    Student orientation February
    Lecturing session Early March
  3. Registration requirement
  4. Fill in the registration form that is attached:

    • Copy undergraduate certificate and transcripts of with a minimum GPA of 2.50.
    • Repayment of the registration fee Rp. 500,000 (five hundred thousand rupiah)
    • Photo size 2x3 and 3x4 cm each 2 sheets
    • Academic Recommendation Letters from two people who are considered able to provide an assessment of academic eligibility (form provided)
    • Curriculum Vitae (form provided)
    • Identity (1 copy of ID card)