Master of Civil Engineering, under management of UMS master program, has a strong vision-mission and an actual learning objective which is supported by a well-built internal management and leadership. the process of teaching and learning are controlled by recognized management systems i.s. National Accreditation Board and ISO 9001:2008. In addition, the management of the program is monitored regulary by a team of quality assurance from UMS which includes student learning proces, tools and equipment, development of information system, partnership,and International program.

Master of Civil Engineering UMS aims to produce alumni who have good attitude i.e. Taqwa to Allah SWT, have international qualification in their knowladge and skills, and ability to work professionally.Five specializations of skill are available for students i.e. infrastructure Management, Transportation, Structure, Water Resource, and Geotechnical. Students with professional skill are prepared to meet the requirement of dynamic growth of knowledge, to solve the problem of material shortage, to keep informed with new technology and management in infrastructure development. Besides, international qualification as well as high integrity and honesty would support carrer development of the UMS alumni in global market competition through fundamental attitude and strong teamwork.

The curriculum was developed optimally to provide students with effective learning process. Four semester period of study with 41 credits is designed to maximally develop innovation and creativity of the students. In addition, lecturing, assignments, field study, thesis supervision, and administrative service are carried out of by full-time and dedicated staffs. Thus, it provides students with a conducive, comfortable, and educative environment to learn, work, develope, and socialize. The design curriculum also enables students to accelerate their study period in less than 4 semesters. The academic title for students who have completed their studies is the Master of Civil Engineering (MT-Magister Teknik).

Vision of Study Program

As a center of excellent in civil engineering which has international reputation and leads the direction of change based on Islamic values.

Mission of Study Program

  1. Implement Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi program which meet international standard.
  2. Develop human resources who are capable of enlightening their community based on Islamic values.
  3. Strengthen professional and sustainable institutional management system.

Objective of Study Program

  1. Produce Master of Civil Engineering graduates who are devoted to Allah, have international standards and professional.
  2. Produce reseacrh, books, and scientific publication in Civil Engineering area which meet International Standard.
  3. Commit service to society as part of social and environmental responsibility.
  4. Develop professional and sustainable institutions management system to achieve the vision and mission of institution.

Collaboration Program

Master in Civil Engineering (MTS) UMS has collaboration with professors/experts from seceral universities/institutions aiming to assist the lecturing activities and thesis supervision. Besides, MTS also has academic collaboration with the University of Nottingham UK to operate fast track program for S-2 (master) and S-3 (dectorate). Further collaboration for international class is currently in the process of negotiation with the University of Derby UK. MTS is an active member of FSTPT (Indonesia Higher Education Forum in Transportation Study). In addition, MTS also plays a leading role in FGDT-PTM organization (Engineering Forum of Muhammadiyah Universities Group). In regard to professional organization, the MTS lecturers contribute positively in organizations such as PII (Indonesian Engineers Association), LPJK (Construction Services Development Agency), HATHI (Indonesian Hydraulic Engineers Association), HAKI (Association of Indonesian Construction Experts), APDJI (Association for Preservation Technology and Recycling Road Indonesia), and SGG (Scottish Geotechnical Group).

Academic Calendar

Service Type First Semester Second Semester
Registration Up to july Up to January
Entry exam Agust Febuary
Registration Agust Febuary
Teaching Learning Agust-January Febuary-July
Mid Exam November April
Final Exam January July

Tuition fee (Academic Year 2014/2015)

Regular Program Rp.20.000.000 (4-time installment)
Twinning Program Rp.30.000.000 (6-time installment)