Being a leading and trusted Master of Accounting Program (MAKSI) in education, research, and application of knowledge of accounting science based on truth, justice, and Islamic values.


Advancing the lives of people and nations by:

  • Organizing educational programs that produce future leaders who have integrity, truth and justice.
  • Conducting research, design, and development to advance the science and practice of accounting in accordance with Islamic values.
  • Conducting community service by utilizing knowledge in accountancy and Islam.


  • Continuing Education to have sufficient knowledge and knowledge in the framework of further scientific development and to obtain higher degrees in the field of accounting.
  • Able to develop skills and abilities in the field of Accounting science by conducting research, design and development to improve the quality of professional services and able to become leaders or officials at the appropriate level including the field of teaching in college.
  • Able to develop the ability and expertise to recognize, observe problems in the field of Accounting science, as well as to approach and scientific reasoning to solve the problems encountered.
  • Able to provide great benefits to the public, business world, and the public sector in applying the field of accounting by way of dedication to the community and plunge in real life in society, the business world, and the public sector.

DOUBLEE DEGREE and NON-DEGREE (Student Exchange, transfer credit, Industrial Internship, Joint Supervision) PROGRAM

Students study at partner university for a certain period of time. Courses completed at the partner university will replace courses in UMS.

No Study Program SPP(fee)/step (Rp) Information
1 Master of Education Administration Rp.6.750.000 Payable 4 stages, total : Rp.27.000.000
2 Master of Islamic Education Rp.6.225.000 Payable 4 stages, total : Rp.24.900.000
3 Master of Islamic Law Rp.6.225.000 Payable 4 stages, total : Rp.24.900.000
4 Master of Management Rp.6.950.000 Payable 4 stages, total : Rp.27.800.000
5 Master of Law Rp.6.950.000 Payable 4 stages, total : Rp.27.800.000
6 Master of Civil Engineering Rp.6.600.000 Payable 4 stages, total : Rp.26.400.000
7 Master of Psychology Science Rp.6.950.000 Payable 4 stages, total : Rp.27.800.000
8 Master of Language Studies Rp.6.225.000 Payable 4 stages, total : Rp.24.900.000
9 Master of Pharmacy Rp.7.950.000 Payable 4 stages, total : Rp.31.800.000
10 Master of Mechanical Engineering Rp.6.100.000 Payable 4 stages, total : Rp.24.400.000
11 Master of Accounting Rp.6.400.000 Payable 4 stages, total : Rp.25.600.000
12 Master of Chemical Engineering Rp.6.100.000 Payable 4 stages, total : Rp.24.400.000
13 Master of Basic Education Rp.6.500.000 Payable 4 stages, total : Rp.26.500.000


Curriculum Magister of Accounting Program is designed in two concentrations, namely:

  1. Business Accounting and Islamic Finance
  2. Public sector accounting


1. Semester 1 Business and Professional Ethics
Accounting Theory
Organizational Governance
Information Technology Systems
2. Semester 2 Audit Fraud
Research methods
Risk Management
Taxation Management
3. Semester 3 (Concentration in Accounting and Business Finance Sharia)
Corporate Financial Statements
Financial Statement Analysis
Theory and Accounting for Islamic Financial
Accounting Seminar
4. Semester 3 (Public Sector Accounting Concentration)
Public Sector Accounting Concentration
Public Sector Accounting System
Public Sector Auditing
Accounting Seminar
5. Semester 4 Thesis, Seminars and Scientific Work


No Semester Activity Time
1. odd Registration March – July
Recruitment test August
Student orientation August
Lecturing session Early September
2. Even Registration November – January
Recruitment test February
Activity Time
Student orientation February
Lecturing session Early March


Matriculation lecture is mandatory for all students who pass the admission to the educational background of non-accounting program. Matriculation lectures aims to provide additional knowledge and preparation that will allow students to follow the teaching and learning process in the Magister of Accounting. These lectures include:

  1. Theory of Investment and Capital Markets
  2. Econometrics
  3. Behavioral Accounting
  4. Auditing