International Program


The program aims to equip students with high level of competence in a competitive globalization era. Students will study in a multicultural environment, interact with foreign students and learn foreign languages (English, Korean, and Arabic).

Courses that have international classes:

  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Communication
  • Informatics
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Nursing Science
  • Islamic Education


  1. Multicultural environment with the presence of foreign students in the classroom.
  2. Student can stay at international Islamic dormitory, KH.Mas Mansur.
  3. Language of instruction is mostly English.
  4. English assistance program.
  5. Opportunity to participate in exchange programs.


Study Program Development Fund (Rupiah) Cost/SKS (Rupiah) Study Program Development Fund (Rupiah) Cost/SKS (Rupiah)
Mechanical Engineering Rp.12.750.000 Rp.253.000 Communication Rp.10.890.000 Rp.249.000
Civil Engineering Rp.11.990.000 Rp.253.000 Informatics Rp.11.000.000 Rp.284.000
Electrical Engineering Rp.11.990.000 Rp.226.000 Accounting Rp.10.285.000 Rp.209.000
Chemical Engineering Rp.13.310.000 Rp.335.000 Nursing Rp.13.310.000 Rp.335.000
Islamic education Rp.2.750.000 Rp.146.000


Students study at partner university for a certain period of time. Courses completed at the partner university will replace courses in UMS.

Study Program University Partners scheme Total Cost in University Partners
Mechanical Engineering UMS WuXi Institute of Technology China 3+1 Rp.60.000.000
Magister Mechanical Engineering UMS WuXi Institute of Technology China 1+1 Rp.60.000.000
Prodi of Faculty Engineering UMS Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia 1 - 2 semester Rp.15.000.000/semester

The program is an international class with the regular curriculum in courses that use English or Arabic as an introduction.

There are two models of classroom lectures internationally. The first model is applied to the Faculty of Education (FKIP) that is intended to prepare students for international schools as teachers.

The second model is applied to the faculty in addition to FKIP intended to strengthen the competence of graduates with international language skills (English or Arabic) and international experience (international exposure). Many surveys mention that one of the weaknesses stand out from graduate Indonesia is minimal English skills. Foreign language skills are minimal graduates a weak point in competing with foreign workers or workers from neighboring countries. It is certain managers would prefer staff who have the English skills better.

Students are required to stay in the international classes International Pondok Mas Mansur. This cottage students are educated in the religious activities and by strengthening language skills. The habit of speaking English everyday in the cottage and speak English or Arabic academic class is expected to strengthen foreign language skills of students.

Some courses at the University of Muhammadiyah Surakarta have international class:

  • Pend. Matematika (Math Education) – FKIP
  • Pend. Biologi (Biology Education) – FKIP
  • Akuntansi (Accounting)
  • Ilmu Komunikasi (Communications Science)
  • Informatika (Informatics)
  • Sipil (Civil Engineering)
  • Elektro(Electrical Engineering)
  • Kimia (Chemical Engineering)
  • Keperawatan (Nursing)
  • Pend. Agama Islam (Tarbiyah) (Islamic Education in Arabic)/li>

Costs of international class study around 10% higher than the cost of regular classroom studies.Listing fees more seen Cost Study in subsections International Program.

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