ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) has been launched, requiring human resources who have not only local but also regional and even global competences. UMS International Programs are there to answer the challenges of the borderless era by offering international courses with the double degree and single degree programs.

The program is a collaboration between UMS and partner universities abroad with the following schemes: 3 + 1 (3 years at UMS and 1 year at partner university) and 2 + 2 (2 years at UMS and 2 years at partner university). After completing the study, the student will get a double degree from UMS and the university partner.


  1. Save up to 60% tuition fee, compared to taking a full-time study abroad.
  2. Student can stay at international Islamic dormitory, KH.Mas Mansur.
  3. International standard learning in exclusive campus.
  4. English and Korean Language mentoring program.
  5. Opportunity to participate in exchange programs.
  6. Scholarship at the partner universities up to 80% of the tuition fee (South Korea).
  7. Part-time job during the study abroad (South Korea).
  8. Getting a work visa abroad.


English medium of instruction
Study Program University Partners scheme Development Fund (Rupiah) Cost/SKS (Rupiah)
Informatics UMS Collage Science and Engineering (National Dog Hwa University, Taiwan) 3+1 Rp.11.000.000 Rp.284.000
Economics Management UMS Business Administration (Kyungdong University, Korea) 2+2 Rp.10.285.000 Rp.257.000
Hotel Management (Kyungdong University, Korea) 2+2 Rp.10.285.000 Rp.257.000
College of Management (National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan) 3+1 Rp.10.285.000 Rp.257.000
Korean Medium of Instruction
Study Program University Partners scheme Development Fund (Rupiah) Cost/SKS (Rupiah)
Mechanical Engineering UMS College of Engineering (Youngsan University, Korea) 2+2 Rp.12.750.000 Rp.253.000
Communication UMS College of Creativ and Cultural Industries (Youngsan University, Korea) 2+2 Rp.11.000.000 Rp.284.000
  • * Plus Rp.5.000.000 / 3 months (As Saves Studies in Higher Education Partners) and Foreign Language Development costs amounting Rp 150,000 / SKS (total 38 SKS)
  • ** Plus the cost of fostering a Foreign Language Rp.150,000 / SKS (total 38 SKS)

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