Typical Length or Study
Undergraduate : 8 Scheduled Semesters (4 Years)
Postgraduate : 4 Scheduled Semesters (2 Years)
Doctoral : 3.5 – 5 Years

Why Study at UMS

  1. Muhammadiyah Network : Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS) is one of the biggest Universties organised by Muhammadiyah. Muhammadiyah with approximately 29 million members is one of the largest socio religious organisations in Indonesia. Established in 1912, Muhammadiyah is older than the Republic of Indonesia. Muhammadiyah is known to be a modern Muslim organisation that plays a significant role in Indonesia’s development through impressive records of providing education and health services in Indonesia.
  2. Recognitions : UMS is one of the 50 Promising Universities in Indonesia (By: Webometrics, January 2011), Excellence Brand Award 2009 and 2010 (Category: Private University, By: Survey One and Rich Mark).
  3. Location :
    • Campus location is very strategic. It can easily be accessed by public transportation (bus taxi), car or motorcycle.
    • Airport, bus station, and railway station are only 15 minutes away from the campus.
    • Direct flights from Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to Adi Sumarmo International Airport, Surakarta are available.
    • Kasunanan and Mangkunegaran Palaces are only 20 minutes away from the campus.
    • Within close proximity to three UNESCO’s world Heritage Sites: Sangiran Early Man Site (15 km north of UMS), Prambanan Temple (48 km southwest of UMS) and Borobudur Temple (80 km southwest of UMS).
  4. Specialised Research and Study Center: Research activities are carried out at UMS trough a number of specialised research centres and individual research. The activities are supported by funding gained from various sources such as the government, private institutions and industries.
  5. Lower Living Cost: Compared to other cities in Indonesia, Surakarta is considered to have significantly lower living cost. Therefore, international students and researchers can save money while preparing for their future.