Orientasi For International Students

Post on 21 Sep 2018 12:30

Twenty four new international students academic year 2018/2019 attended an orientation held by Bureau of Collaborations and International Affairs (BKUI) on Friday, September 21, 2018 in LPPM courtroom, Siti Walidah Building 5th floor. The new international students came from several different countries, comprise of Four Darmasiswa RI Students From Egypt, Thailand, Russia, and China. Six KNB (Kemitraan Negara Berkembang) students from Egypt, Mexico, two Laos, and two Thailand. Five IPS (International Priority Scholarship from UMS) students from Sudan, four Uganda. Three SBPAC (Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center) students from Thailand. Two UMS scholarship students from Thailand. Three Lukmanul Hakeem students from Thailand. The orientation was opened by Head of BKUI, Supriyono Ph.D. He gave a welcoming speech and explained briefly if there would be representatives from Immigration of Surakarta and Sukoharjo Regional Police Department who would fill the orientation material. Kurnia Dwi Nastiti, S.Psi., M.M and Ardhian, S.H., representatives from Immigration of Surakarta explained about immigration rules regarding the visa and the immigration rules that the international students must abide by during their study in Indonesia. Regulations regarding the traffic were presented by IPTU Grandika Indra Waspada, S.I.K., as First Supervisor of Indonesia International Police Unit from Sukoharjo Regional Police Department. He explained that if the international students want to ride motorcycle or car they must have an international driving license or they can make an Indonesian driving license. He emphasized on safety riding because there were a lot of accidents on the street which cause death. Therefore, besides reminding students to obey the traffic regulations, he also warned students to always wear helmet when riding a motorcycle. Hepy Adityarini, Ph.D, as the Head of International Program also emphasized that the information that delivered by the police was not to motivate students to buy a motorcycle, but to provide information about safety riding because there were a lot of accidents. She also encouraged students, if the students want to go somewhere better to use Go-jek or Grab, because it's safer and more convenient, just order via application and the driver will come and take to the desired place. The orientation was closed with question and answer session and took some picture together in the second floor.