UMS Roadshow to Senior High School in South of Thailand

Post on 29 Aug 2018 21:30

BKUI-UMS personnel consisting Mr. Wijianto, Mrs. Hepy Adityarini and Mrs Soepatini visited some senior high schools in South of Thailand. The purpose of the visit is to introduce UMS to Senior High School students in Thailand. Currently, 50% of the international students studying in UMS are from South of Thailand. On 15 August 2018 the UMS team visited two schools: Saiburi Islamic School in Pattani and Bacho School in Narratiwat. The team received warm welcome from the school staff and the students. The team was also assisted by UMS alumni (Abdullah, Saeed, Amanee, Hanan, Puzaemah, and Ilyana) who promoted UMS using the mother tongue of the local students. The students in both school showed high interest and enthusiasm to know more about UMS. Some of them even said that they wanted to study in UMS after they graduate from Senior High School. On 16 August 2018 the UMS team had the opportunity to visit Amanasat school located in Patrtani. The school is founded by Amanasat Islamic Foundation. the foundation itself has also founded around 10 schools. In this school, the team also met representatives from schools under Amanasat Foundation. Similar to the previous visit, the visit in this school was also wonderful since the participants in the meeting showed their enthusiam about UMS. Some of the representatives suggested UMS to have MoU with the Islamic Council in order to broaden the collaboration between UMS and Islamic Schools in South of Thailand. The representatives of the school also hoped that UMS can visit their schools to promote UMS on regular basis.