Post on 22 Mar 2018 18:59

Dini Isnaini, UMS student who took Management double degree program has just finished her study in Hotel Management at Kyungdong University (KDU), South Korea. She started her study at Kyungdong University in March 2016 and graduated in February 2018. She received two Bachelor degree certificates from UMS and Kyungdong University. Born in Bandung on November 6, 1995, Dini grew up with a passion in reading and travelling. Her favourite food is rendang and she wishes that one day she can be a successful leader. Here is what she said about her study experience in South Korea: “UMS has collaborations with many universities abroad, and one of them is Kyungdong University, South Korea. I'm so grateful that I could take my Bachelor degree in UMS and KDU. I got many knowledge and experience. In KDU, the Professors and staffs are kind and willing to help the students. I got many friends from other countries, so I could learn about their culture. I lived in a dormitory which had good facilities. I like the learning methods in KDU because they provide class learning, and also observation learning. Students visited many companies and also resorts in South Korea such as KIA, Samsung, Lotte Chilsung Company, High One Resort, Sol Beach Resort and many more. We could also do a part time job in South Korea. I hope UMS and KDU will be the best universities in the future”.