Darmasiswa students of UMS won the third place in Darmasiswa Got Talent

Post on 11 May 2017 20:47

Darmasiswa Got Talent is a talent show competition of Darmasiswa students which was held by Diponegoro University on May 2, 2017 to commemorate the National Education Day. Fourteen Darmasiswa students from countries such as the US, Slovakia, Hungary, South Korea, India, Madagascar and Ukraine participated in the competition which consisted of speech, singing and dancing contest. Darmasiswa students of UMS, Lilla Hodi and Gyorgy Nagy from Hungary sang a duet of a song composed by Gyorgy and won the third place, while Aidee Awae from Thailand showed his Indonesian language skill through a speech contest. UNDIP students who performed a traditional dance won the competition, and a student from Unika Sugiyapranata who performed pencak silat (Indonesian martial art) came in second.